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Portrait of Scott Myers
Scott Myers, President of Myers Custom Homes Inc.

Myers Custom Homes: Building Excellence for over 40 Years

From Scott Myers, President

Hello, I’m Scott Myers and thank you for stopping by. Our Team at Myers Custom Homes Inc has been building homes for over 40 years, and building homes is my passion. I love the whole process from meeting new customers to finishing the final details.

Our office is in my home, I have no office staff, and we use a modest advertising budget. Myers Custom Homes employs a small crew of 2 to 4 men, as well as the subcontractor team. I am usually on site each work day and I am involved with all phases of construction. Attention to detail where it can be seen and where it cannot be seen is a hallmark of my company. I employ some of Billings’ finest tradesmen as subcontractors and we work hard to help our home owners achieve their dreams and goals in their new home. Affordability is always important and I am confident what we produce is a true value.

Building “green” has become a hot topic recently. Regarding “green building,” I have been encouraging green building practices for over 40 years, and have built super-insulated homes, passive solar, ground source heat pump HVAC, hydronic floor heat, and energy efficient homes. I also excel at building homes that feel solid and secure.

Communication and accountability are very important factors in every building project. The cost breakdown and payment requests I have developed over the years are not sophisticated, but very informative and demonstrate a high level of accountability in order to promote customer confidence and good relationships.

Our jobsites are family friendly and we encourage visits and inspection.


Scott Myers, President
Myers Custom Homes

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